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Wear Africa by Hadithi Africa is a movement aimed at stirring pride in the African continent. An opportunity for you to play your part in retelling the African Narrative.

This brand rests on the fact that we have become more connected to African Fabric than we have been to the actual African Heritage beyond the fabric. Hence we use the statement “Know Africa, Dont Just Wear It”. Our merchandise is more than just clothes and accessories, but it is a movement. To teach the African narrative in a more contemporary platform, while turning regular Africans and people across the globe into billboards of the African Narrative, extending the knowledge of the African Narrative, strengthening the identity in who we are, which is Africa.

The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it and with our merch, we want to decrease that ignorance.

“It is regrettable that we [Africans] tend to absorb the identity of others without consolidating our own African frame of reference derived from our cultural heritage. “

– As succinctly stated by Mama Graça Machel  

By using the statement ‘Know africa, don’t just wear it’, and the promotion of facts about Africa through our merch, we want the world to be made aware of Africa’s authentic Narrative.

Wear Africa being a division of Hadithi.Africa means all we put on our shirts and merch is researched facts and not just things we got from google.Our aim is to enhance the knowledge on the African Heritage, which we plan on doing by all means necessary.

The purpose takes the role of a more contemporary knowledge building platform beyond a traditional African History/Heritage education to a more dynamic recognition to the African Heritage amongst African’s. Africanness should not be reserved and accessible only to the elite but should be accessible to all who seek it.

Amanda Sibiya – Founder of Hadithi Africa Media Group

Wear Africa is a division of Hadithi Africa Media Group and a sister company of hadithi.africa

Collaboration & Partnership opportunities

Collaboration opportunities are available for brands and organisations who’s vision has synergy to the Hadithi Africa Vision, of not only making the African Heritage and Narrative more accessible but also magnifying it to Africa and the world at large. While using contemporary ways to reach even the furthest consumer at any age.

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